New Chapter

New Year. New house. New environment. New start on so many levels.

I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the countryside in my new home. We’ve been here almost 2 weeks and I LOVE it -and our 2 working cocker spaniels, Ruby and Pearl, are in their element here in the woods.

Everything feels full of hope and possibility here -and being surrounded by nature means I’ll be able to easily tune into a slower and more seasonal way of living. Thats the theory anyway!

I’ve been planning to start a new business for so long now. It feels too long if I’m honest. Its all stuck in my head now and I seem to have lost the momentum to ‘get things done’. Dreaming about it and finding excuses to not start is much easier… I’ve wondered why I’ve put it off for so long and fear of failure seems to be the underlying cause.

So now to face fear and push ahead with my dream and get listed on Etsy. Start small and dream big.

More to come very soon.

Sending you love and blessings x

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