Breathe, Darling. This is just a chapter. Its not your whole story.

Boy oh boy this statement is SO very true. But SO very tricky to apply and refer to during those dark and challenging times. And what use would it be anyway? Hearing someone say those words of wisdom when you’re suffering and enduring emotional pain and turmoil is the last thing you really need to hear. Its of zero help.


We all experience times in our lives when a situation becomes so challenging that everything narrows down, the walls start to close in and the darkness drops all around us. It’s absolutely terrifying to be in this space. The endless darkness of that moment will seem to go on forever; no light, no hope, no love. The darkest hour is always before the dawn and there are no phrases or ‘one line’ pearls of wisdom that can help you through this space.

Yes you’ll cry.

Yes, you’ll struggle.

Yes, you’ll feel angry, afraid, alone and lost.

You’ve got to allow those emotions to have their place in your life and flow in and out with grace.


TAKE HEART. Because you’re a real person, with real feelings and real experiences to match. You wont always know your way. You wont always be healthy. You wont always be youthful. You will succeed and you will fail. You will cry and you will laugh. You will love and you will lose. You’re here to live life to its fullest and experience the whole spectrum -and that includes the good, the bad, the ugly and the lovely. Everything is temporary -don’t ever forget that. And with every experience you weather and survive, life has caused you to grow and become more than you were.  Now thats the most effing magnificent thing about this whole life experience. With each passing day, experience and breath, you quite literally become more.


In time when you look back you’ll see you journeyed through all that pain. You survived. You dug deep inside and brought your own light to the darkness. You set yourself free.

Now, take a breath and look at all that power you gained from being your own rescue squad -because no one else is better equipped or more capable than You.


And remember, you’ll be able to look back with ease one day and say ‘Breathe Darling, it was just a chapter, it wasn’t my whole story’.







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